• I got an alert recently from my websites firewall of an “Increased Attack Rate” from hackers trying to do MYSQL injections. Low and behold the logs say the attacks come from Russia.

    For example:

    March 19, 2018 1:50am (Russian Federation) Blocked for SQL Injection in query string: add_to_wishlist=15797′ UNION ALL SELECT…[Read more]

    • Just two Hints:

      -If an attack comes from USA, is it the united states attacking you or a US citizen?
      -Things can be routed to appear to be originating from russia, when its your neighbors son attacking you.

      Cheers & Good luck with defense!

  • mule posted an update 5 days, 3 hours ago

    South African government confiscating land from white farmers! I read an article today about South African government plans to take land from white farmers without compensation. There doesn’t seem to be a big reaction to it internationally. It seems unwise, (to say the least) after the experience in Zimbabwe. I understand it’s populist but it’s…[Read more]

    • I think the only reason that there still is any white farmers ( or businessmen) in Sud Afrika, is because Nelson Mandela and his lot sold out his own kind in his efforts to become a living god and a be a white blackman. The threat of a lesser “understanding” administration has always been on the cards. And after all – if they do pee it all up the…[Read more]

    • Hopefully things don’t turn out badly. It would be a shame, because if the corruption wasn’t so bad the country could be prosperous. I think corruption is the biggest thing that’s holding many countries back. There are lots of places where nothing works because everyone has to take a cut.

      It could work if the farm land in SA is sold to black…[Read more]

    • Nelson Mandela would have known that reconciliation was important not just for society but also if the whites fled the country, the people with the knowledge of how to run the country and the professional classes would be gone.
      He had studied independence movements in other countries and was a lot shrewder than he is now portrayed

    • It could be seen as completing the circle that was begun when the white colonists arrived and took the land for themselves. The plantations and farms were often given to people for services rendered to the government of the colonising nation of the day. How many ner’re do well second sons etc were sent out to the colonies to save them embarrassing…[Read more]

    • Just to clarify a point here. Almost all the tribes of south Africa (both white and black)were at some point ,invaders/colonists. The africaana farmer has as much historical title to the land as any Zulu.It is one of the great mysteries of southern Africa ,why the place was so depopulated prior to the late 1700 s . The idea that the land was…[Read more]

      • That’s true and I don’t understand why we accept all who come and settle here and are born here regardless of skin colour and have laws to protect them them yet we are not going to stand up and say it’s wrong to discriminate against people who are white and have lived somewhere for many generations .
        Two wrongs do not make a right .

        • Up in Kashmir and the Hindu Kush ( now there’s a thing – the very mountains get their name for being killers of Hindus!) and I suspect over into Afghanistan – that you are either a “brother” or “frengi” – like us or a foreigner. Woe betide anyone who tries to take land or invade.

          However; that is a medieval mindset, when the Romans left Britain…[Read more]

  • Roughly what kind of job? The places to recruit Node devs aren’t necessarily the same as C++ (for example). You’ll tend to have more success recruiting grads for trendy stacks too.

    Depending on what your company’s social media presence is like that’s been pretty successful for the last couple of companies I’ve worked for. Also, LinkedIn is great…[Read more]

  • @andrewsb Good news. They don’t add any of those things because they don’t need too. No need for it as they don’t need help to burn like tobacco does. No burning involved. You can speculate all you like about what’s in them but in general almost everything used has been proven safe. They’ve been pretty good at self regulating so far.

    Vaping is…[Read more]

  • I imagine there is no definitive answer due to lack of information as to the full ingredients of the liquid as general knowledge( i don’t now whats in them, or how or if the additives are controlled/regulated/tested etc.)

    One of the issues with traditional cigarettes (this is aside from the obvious inhaling red hot smoke into lung tissue) are the…[Read more]

  • Hmm. have never been a smoker (can’t stand the stench) but their “must” be something in it that attracts so many people, wondering whether any non smoker has tried / taken up e cigarettes and their thoughts on it? I assume it is just as addictive as smoking but considered relatively safe

    @freddy Whatever reason that people start smoking (never a…[Read more]

  • Hmm. have never been a smoker (can’t stand the stench) but their “must” be something in it that attracts so many people, wondering whether any non smoker has tried / taken up e cigarettes and their thoughts on it? I assume it is just as addictive as smoking but considered relatively safe

  • I don’t anymore. The programming job crowd is very over crowded… I got into programming thinking it would be an easy way to get a job. I know java, php plus all the easy stuff such as html css etc but companies want the very best (even if they themselves don’t know what the very best actually looks like) but don’t want to pay for it so just…[Read more]

  • Jobserve.co.uk


    Both are popular with programmers.

  • I’ve seen a lot SMEs to corporates on campus to meet/recruit students for junior roles. Contact your local university to see if they have any careers events or if they want a guest speaker from industry.

    Some of the SMEs I know are doing Hackathons.

  • Where do you look for jobs, especially newly qualified?

    The only recommendations we’ve had so far are Reed, and JobsUK, but would like other recommendations.

    My company needs yet another junior developer/programmer, but we’re not really up to date with the latest advertising trends.

    Many thanks


  • mo replied to the topic Are e cigs bad for your health? in the forum Health 1 month, 1 week ago

    This is probably one of the best bit of research done into the matter. Funded by cancer research UK.


  • Public Health England have come around to my view that vaping is something the health profession ought to be advocating rather than scare mongering about:

    E-cigarettes should be on sale in hospital shops, health body says


  • I don’t smoke and know nothing about effects of using e cigs. However, I think that vaping is stupid looking.

  • @nick You should read the published meta-data analysis for nicotine which says contrary to it being harmless. They do stop short of citing it as carcinogenic but do report evidence to support its role with mechanisms of causing cancer, other papers report differently and have proposed both animal and human clinical data for its role in various…[Read more]

  • E cigs just use nicotine. There are no cancer causing components of nicotine.

    The list of adverse effects is no longer than for many commonly used chemicals. If you drink tea or coffee there are a similar number.

  • Apparently they’re now banned completely in Singapore. Other countries seem sure to follow as longer term evidence stacks up.

  • @gutted No!
    I read it as saying that the majority of vapors were smokers and that half of them have given up tobacco smoking completely and the other half do both.

    Yes, there are vapors who have never smoked but I think that they are a small number.

  • @frosty this survey indicated that of the 2.9 million vapers in the UK, 1.5 million were ex-smokers. Which leaves 1.4 million who started vaping despite being non-smokers.


    So yes, 1.5 million is more than half of 2.9 million, but only just. Obvious…[Read more]

  • From what I’ve read, the nicotine and flavouring additives are thought to be relatively safe. But when the liquid is heated to produce vapour, the additives burn and produce a whole lot of organic combustion products the health effects of which are almost completely unknown.

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