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      Does anyone else get these?

      How often do you get them, and how long do they last?

      I’ve had them occasionally for the past 5 years or so, but I’ve now had 3 since the beginning of the year. Usually I get them at work, but today I had one on a day off.

      I usually just get the zig zags and visual problems. They last about 30-40 minutes, then they are gone. The last two I had a mild headache after. I feel nauseous too.

      Just wondering if anyone else has experienced and increase in frequency.

      No know triggers and I don’t drink caffine .

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      I used to get them, they were caused by food triggers. Identifying the triggers and avoiding the foods solved the problem.

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      I get full blown ones with the headache. I have been getting them more frequently but that is, I think, due to stress.

      However, old folks going through menopause have found theirs increased in frequency. Might that apply to you?

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      Unlikely to be food. Today I had eaten porridge for breakfast some 3hrs before, no other food.

      At work usually not eating either. This week has been very stressful for various reasons, but today I was happy and stress free.

      Been through menopause – loving the cold weather, lol.

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      Unlikely to be food. Today I had eaten porridge for breakfast some 3hrs before, no other food.

      @garygary Could be low blood sugar. In the past few years I’ve had several no-pain migraines, zigzags etc., sometimes gone blind in one eye, and always related to not having eaten for a few hours. I note you’d not eaten for 3 hours before your last attack. Can you remember how long it was in the previous two times? Also I find porage doesn’t ‘do’ it for me, I need protein and fat, graze all the time, seems to work for me. If I get stressed I need more food too. Flapjacks work well.

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      By ‘silent’ do you mean without the headache? My mum gets the visual disturbance only and a mild headache. Me, on the other hand, gets the ninja migraine lol.

      I think there’s a million and one triggers and one thing I’ve learned over the last 40 years of suffering with them is your triggers can change over time. I had one yesterday, probably triggered by the cold wind. I get significantly more in winter than summer.

      I take anti-convulsants as a preventative now so my attacks aren’t as severe but yesterday’s floored me a bit. To be fair, without the preventative tablets I would still be throwing up now, 24 hours later!!

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      If you mean a migraine without the headache, I do, well only a very mild headache . They do tend to make me feel drained for a couple of days afterwards. I have visual disturbances, speech problems (very embarrassing when you cant form a sentence). and usually pins and needles or numbness in my fingers and tongue. Mine used to be hormonal but are usually stress related now. They tend to come in batches, one or two a week for a month or so, then nothing for ages. It’s usually bright light that triggers them, particularly the glare of the sun on a road or surface. I think it’s my bodies way of making me aware I need to rest, since that’s the only thing that cures them. If I take 3 paracetamol at the very first sign I can put them off for a while sometimes.

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      I had an aura once, and that was followed after about 1/2 hour, by a short period, maybe 5 minutes, if not being able to form words (speech or written). Terrifying.

      I get aural disturbance that I think is migraine-related, which is very annoying for a musician.

      Usually, I get one-eye headaches, but without the aura or the nausea.

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      I get full blown migraines. I had an awful one on Tuesday and spent the day in bed. My sight goes blurry and sometimes I am sick. I have been unfortunate to once have paralysis (happened whilst I was driving)

      I have Paramox and Simatripton which I have on repeat prescriptions.

      Sleep is my trigger, either too much or not enough of. I have worked out that I need at least 7 hours and but no more then 9 hours (not that I get to lay in much now anyway).

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      I also had an aura once. I knew exactly what it was, having read Oliver Sacks’ book Migraines, and initially was happy to indulge my curiosity and savour the experience. Then I thought “Uh oh, this means I’m getting a migraine. Maybe I’d better do something about it.” Because I don’t get migraines, I didn’t have any specific medication at hand – so I promptly went and made myself a cup of strong coffee under the mistaken belief that caffeine was meant to be good – when actually it is generally bad. After I drank the coffee, the auras promptly went away, and that was that.

      I’ve never had a migraine headache, thank goodness, and rarely get normal headaches (except when I go for a long time without coffee!).

      Weird brain/mind states can be interesting and worrying at the same time. The oddest sensation I’ve had was while I was watering the garden on a bright summer’s day a couple of years ago and went into a continuous deja vu-like state in which I kept recalling bits of different dreams I’d had (or thought I had) in vivid detail. This lasted at most 10 minutes. It was interesting while it was going on because of all the dream imagery and associated feelings, but was also worrying because I wasn’t sure if it would end. Definitely relieved when it did finally! I imagine not being able to speak properly would be upsetting.

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      I’ve not had one for a long while but no idea what the trigger is. I just get bad blurred tunnel vision for about half and hour- can’t read anything. Sometimes it’s followed by a bad headache, other times, nothing at all.

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      I’ve been getting them, without the headache, for the last 10 years or so. The first time I had one I was terrified and thought somebody had spiked my drink, although it was hardly likely at 7am in my house while drinking a cup of tea I’d made for myself…durr….but the flashing lights and semi blindness were horrible.

      I haven’t pinned down anything in my diet which triggers them, but 2 other factors bring them on for me, having a cold/ flu and weirdly the other one is spending time with my eldest daughter. She’s absolutely lovely but she talks, very loudly, at full volume for hours at a time..so it’s probably stress!

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      I’ve had them, jagged colourful patterns in my eyes but no other symptoms. No pain, no dizziness, no nausea, but can last for a good two hours. The cure for me is just to go and sit or lie in half-darkness and wait.

      The trigger is a flash of sunlight, usually reflected off a window as it is opened or closed.

      The first time I remember this happening was at work in about 2002 when I was in an office looking out over a courtyard to another office building. The way the building was cabled with everything running round the outside walls meant our desks were around the walls, facing outwards, so when I was looking at my terminal screen, I was also facing that other building. And one day, with the sun full on it, somebody opened a window and FLASH! Triggered.

      My mum used to get migraines, though hers were triggered by bananas (just the smell would set her off), and hers used to be very painful and last for up to four hours.

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      I feel your pain I get migraines, with visual aura. Food is my major trigger, mainly sugar and carbs so porridge with sugar would be a no-no for me, as would not eating breakfast. Also driving at night can bring it on.

      My medical MiL suggested when you first feel one coming on to take your preferred painkiller and a strong dose of caffeine immediately. This works most of the time for me, whether through actually reducing blood pressure in head or by me being more aware I couldn’t say though.

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      I get migraines when I read liberal posts on the internet 😀

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