Donald Trump tricked us all!

One of the main reasons why Donald trump was elected was because he promised that he would “drain” the Washington swamp by getting rid of corrupt Washington officials and be the voice of ordinary working Americans. However it looks as though Donald Trump is doing the complete opposite of what he said he would do and is giving more power to the elite by appointing millionaires and billionaires to be in his cabinet. It is thought that Donald Trumps cabinet will be the richest in history!

Steve Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive who is worth over $70 million is going to be Donald Trumps treasury secretary.
Wilbur Ross who is worth even more at $2.9 billion has been chosen by Donald trump to be his commerce secretary.
Donald Trumps richest cabinet member will be Betsy DeVos as education sectary who’s family fortune has been estimated by Forbes to be around $5.1 billion eclipsing Donald Trumps own fortune of $3.7 billion.
Donald Trump is also thought to be considering Harold Hamm as energy sectary. Harold Hamm is a oil and fracking tycoon and is worth a whopping $14.6 billion. Also Donald maybe giving Goldman Sachs (one of the most corrupt banks in history) president Gary Cohn
a senior administrative role :O

Bernie Sanders has posted a picture on twitter showing just how rich Donald Trumps cabinet is going to be:

All of Donald Trumps appointments so far are people who come from very privileged backgrounds (THEY HAVE NOT STARTED FROM NOTHING AND BUILT THESE VAST FORTUNES UP FROM SCRATCH THEY HAVE SIMPLY CAME FROM EXTREMELY WEALTHY FAMMILIES). In my opinion appointing people like Harold Hamm to manage energy when he is a fracking and oil tycoon is so stupid and I have no doubt that Harold Hamm will put the interests of his company before that of the American peoples.

Donald Trump has simply played the American people as fools, exploiting their anger at the elite and using it to get votes.
But all of this doesn’t mean Hilary Clinton should have won either because she is just as bad as Donald Trump. If Hilary had won we would be seeing just the same sort of thing but with just some other rich billionaires running things instead.

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  1. I don’t know we need to find out what his policies are going to be.. but it doesn’t look as though that Washington swamp is getting drained anytime soon.

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