Elite trying to stop brexit?

Currently the supreme court is deciding whether or not parliament or the government have the last say on if the UK should trigger article 50 and leave the EU. If the supreme court sides with the high court and says that parliament should have a vote on whether or not article 50 should be triggered then it will mean that parliament will have more power than the people of this country and could choose to ignore the peoples vote and go against the referendum and the people if they wanted to!
I recognise that some people are saying that parliament should be allowed to vote on the triggering article 50 because democracy is a system of compromise and not just based on mob rule. However I disagree with this view and believe that article 50 should not be voted on because of two main points

a) Parliament should reflect the will of the people. We already know what the will of the people is and that is to leave the EU. So what is the real point of the parliament having a vote other than just to thwart Brexit? The referendum vote was black and white. The people voted either to leave or remain in the EU. There was no in-between and the vast majority voted to leave. We either leave or we don’t leave if the later is chosen then the will of the people is ignored and the whole point of having a referendum becomes pointless.

2) A lot of remain MPS are saying that before voting for article 50 they will want to know the governments exact strategy for leaving the eu (Theresa may has just announced that she will publish a plan for leaving the eu before article 50 is triggered DOH!). Debating in parliament how we intend to leave the EU puts our negotiation strategy for getting new trade deals out the window. You would not go to a used car salesmen and tell them straight away that you would really want £2000 for your car because you wouldn’t get the best possible deal…and the same is for the negotiating with the eu. The eu needs us because we are a big economy but if the EU leaders know our price then they will know how far to squeeze us so that they can get the best deal and not us!

If the supreme court does let parliament vote on if article 50 should be triggered or not then this is will either be the death of democracy or the death of negotiating strategy. TAKE YOUR PICK JUDGES!

Update: (Theresa may has just announced that she will publish a plan for leaving the eu before article 50 is triggered DOH!)

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