George Osborne cashes in!

Whilst everyone gazes was focusing on the Us and Donald trump inauguration George Osborne has used this opportunity to get a new job at Black rock the worlds biggest asset manager. Apparently George Osborne is going to be a part time senior advisor for Black Rock’s research team and George Osborne will REMAIN an Mp whilst he advises Black Rock. In other words Black rock is going to use his inside government knowledge to make more money and may use George Osborne’s influence in government to exert pressure on the government to do things in Black Rocks best interests rather than in the peoples! George Osborne is expected to get a pretty big salary from Black Rock that will reach hundreds of thousands of pounds!

If this wasn’t enough both George Osborne and his mate David Cameron have been making speeches at the world economic forum in Davos this week.. and are being paid tens of thousands of pounds to make them! :O These speeches at Davos are not a one off either. It is believed that David Cameron has done speeches for top us financial institutes and has pocketed hundreds of thousands of pounds for them. George Osborne has topped up his pay check by a tidy sum of £320, 000 through doing speeches for big company’s as well!

Some may argue that there is nothing wrong with these two people making a bit of money but I have to disagree because It is not as thought both George Osborne and David Cameron are going out and making money through starting up their own small business and building it up from scratch, both of these scumbags are just using their political careers to make money which is wrong and just proves that both George Osborne and David Cameron (not an Mp any more but this still makes him an arsehole nonetheless) are total plutocrats and total scumbags who just want to help themselves and big greedy company’s that work to increase the gap between rich and poor instead of helping the people that helped them get where they are today by voting for them!

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  1. What do you really expect from someone who was booed at the London Paralympics by disabled people because he cut disabled people benefits. He is crooked and should be fired as an MP!

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