Hilary Clinton wants to censor the internet!

You have lost Hilary Clinton nobody cares about your opinions any more… just go away already!

After losing the Us presidential election Hilary Clinton has now spoken out calling on big internet giants such as google and Facebook to censor the internet to get rid of so called “fake news”. Which is pretty rich after it was revealed by Wikileaks that Hilary Clinton’s campaign was colluding with the media to get her elected with biased news!

In her speech on Thursday that she made to lawmakers on Capitol Hill she said…
“It’s now clear that so-called ‘fake news’ can have real world consequences,”.
She also added…
“It’s imperative that leaders from the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives,”
In other words Hilary Clinton cannot stand loosing the election and wants kill off freedom of speech on the internet which she blames for her loosing the election.
I do not see how the hell you can protect democracy by censoring peopels views! This is not democracy. What Hilary Clinton is wanting is pure totalitarianism.

So, Hilary Clinton thinks big companys censoring the internet is a good thing? THINK AGAIN YOU STUPID COW! Google has a huge monopoly on internet search which means that if you are not visible on google chances are people will never be able to find you website and your views will not be heard! Which means that you are at googles mercy. Google for many different reasons likes to censor websites.. Google has over recent years destroyed MILLIONS of small businesses using algorithms codenamed penguin and panda to search and destroy small businesses websites to force them into buying ads. Furthermore it is not too far fetched to think that google wouldnt also love to also penalzie websites that it does not agree with politically eithier after all Google has thrown tons of cash at Obama and Hilary Clitnon over the years and loves to meddle in politics to tighten its monopoly. Googles third in command Eric Schmidt was revealed by wikileaks as wanting to create a voter database by harvesting android phone data from peoples phones to manipulate them into voting for the democrats and would love to use fake news to shut people up!

In other news the Clinton foundation has been receiving a lot less donations since she lost the presidential election.. showing how the Clinton foundation was just a set up to collect bribes from big business to gain influence if she won!

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