Is islam evil?

The Muslims simply couldn’t care less about the innocent lives murdered in Mondays terrorist attack in Manchester.
Yesterday I went to work in Leeds where there is a very large Muslims community and the impression that I got from the vast majority of Muslims there is that they really couldn’t care less and it is “business as usual” despite the horrific terrorist attack carried out by one of their own in the name of Islam. I Really do not know what planet some of the liberals are who are saying that Islam is a religion of peace.. it really isn’t. Right from its inception Islam was a brutal and violent religion founded by Muhammad a warlord who also killed children. Isis is simply following the Quran to the letter. The Muslims that I interacted yesterday were unaffected by the recent events and still were all predictably arrogant and nasty. Most politicians do not interact with the Muslim community as much as I do on a daily basis they just meet the creepy imams and the “moderates” that wish to infiltrate into our society to push the Muslim agenda such as sharia law. Let me tell you that Muslims are not nice people.. THEY DO NOT EVEN WANT TO TOUCH YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU ARE SERVING THEM AND THROW THE MONEY AT YOU INSTEAD BECAUSE TO THEM YOU ARE DIRT ANIMALS. THYE LACK MANNERS AND SIMPLY DO NOT WANT TO INTERGRATE INTO OUR SOCIETY AT ALL AND THAT IS JUST THE MODERATE MUSLIMS! How can we live along side people that want us dead?

Muslims are now saying that they are fearing an Islamophobic backlash after the attack……. they really do not wait till the grass grow do they to play the “we are the real victims of this attack” card. Which highlights their total disregard for the victims and shows how disgusting they are. We do not have terrorist attacks from any of the other minority religions in this country such as from Hindus or sihks who arrived here in just the same sort of circumstances it is just from the MUSLIMS because of what Islam is.

I listened to LBC radio station yesterday where someone called “Tim” phoned up and started blaming the UK for the terrorist attack saying that it is Uks foreign policy in the middle east that is to blame… more or less Tim was on the side of the terrorists and this is the problem, even though innocent children have been murdered a lot in our country still will not take their head out of the sand and because of this more terrorist attacks will happen. The mayor of London Andy Burnham said in his speech after the terrorist attack that it is “business as usual”.. which is extremely disrespectful to the victims of the terrorist attack and shows just how little our politicians care about us.

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