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    - "Whist many small business suffer and struggle to pay extortionate rent on their high street shops Amazon gets a tax cut on their huge warehouses. I think this just proves exactly who’s side the Tory government […]"View
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    - "Google has developed an AI system to monitor and censor comments that it deems are hate speech. But I do not believe this is google trying to rid the world of hate speech I think that instead it is Google trying […]"View
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    - "Want to show a welcome message to logged out users only? There are a few ways you can do this but the easier ways are: Embedding this code into your theme in the place you want the message to display and using […]"View
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    - "So are utterli and utterz now separate sites?"View
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    - "I went to a church BBQ this Sunday.. shame everyone ignored me! I started going to church recently to help strengthen my faith, learn more about the bible, meet new people and boost my confidence.. however things […]"View
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    - "WOW the Chinese government are fascists. The Chinese government is trying hard to stomp out Christianity in china.. in the last three years alone over 1500 churches have been demolished and lawyers and pastors who […]"View