• gary posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    What do you do when you are a googler and you have just left Google? Join the Pentagon of course! Matt Cutts is the latest googler to take a top job at the Pentagon! Matt Cutts is a disgusting psychopath who used to be head of webspam at google which basically involved him censoring small businesses from the internet in order to force them to buy adwords! Just simply censoring small businesses from the internet wasn’t enough for Matt Cutts though as in his own words he wanted “to break peoples spirits” and would actively mock on twitter small businesses that he had destroyed! So it is no surprise to me at all that he has taken the next jump and no longer wants to destroy peoples businesses and livelihoods but now wants ultimate control to kill people (by proxy) instead to feed his sadistic apatite.

    Matt Cutts isn’t the first googler to get a top job in the Pentagon Eric Schmidt (CEO of Alphabet) has also got a top military job in the Pentagon.

    Unfortunately these people will not be sent to the frontline in the middle east but will instead will be flying drones with a PlayStation remote thousands of miles away back in America and dropping bombs on people whilst probably laughing because to these sickos this is all just fun and games to them and love determining other peoples lives.