• gary posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    @*$! off bloggers! Your opinions are not your own so stop lying! Stupid bloggers are damaging our economy and lying to people just to make a quick buck or two.

    How can small businesses even compete on the internet when big multi million dollar brands use dishonest practises to buy fake reviews online from greedy bloggers to trick people into thinking that their products are brilliant when there actually not.. What is more from these fake reviews these bloggers are also helping these big brands to rank higher in search engines like google because part of the deal that these bloggers make with the big brands is to supply the brands site with a dofollow and usually keyword rich anchor text. This pushes down smaller more honest brands down in the search results harming consumers and small businesses in the process.

    Amazon uses an affiliate scheme that is designed to motivate bloggers to write reviews and articles praising different products from amazon (even if that bloggers hasn’t even used the product before in his or her life) just to get people to buy from amazon through their affiliate link so they get a commission from the sale. 9 times out of the ten when amazon affiliates link to to amazon using their affiliate link they do not warn the blogger at all that the whole review is just based on them trying to get people buy from amazon.. usually the bloggers will try their best to disguise the link using an url obfuscater the best they can to further trick their readers and to hide their real motivation behind the review.

    Another big brand that getting bloggers to write dishonest reviews is scholl. scholl is going around paying or simply bribing HUNDREDS of bloggers with free gifts for them to write a reviews about scholls products and to supply their site with a dofollow link.

    Most of the links that is powering scholls site to the top of the search engines come from fake sponsored reviews and giveaways.
    You can tell that these reviews are fake as the blogger either states the review is sponsored, the review is always 100% positive about scholl and never gives any criticism at all, the blogger tells you that they have received the products from scholl for free or simply that they will litter the blog posts full of keyword rich text links to scholls websites that are used time and time again on other reviews on other sites.

    These are just two examples of the many big brands that are doing this! So if you ask me never ever take a bloggers reviews as the truth!
    So as you can see the internet is not a level playing field at all.