• gary posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    Scumbag Sundar Pichai CEO of google has said that Google will not pay any more tax and will only pay more tax if international laws change (but no doubt google accountants will try their very best to find loopholes wherever they can) his comments come after a huge public uproar over Google blatant tax avoidance the beginning of multiple investigations into googles tax affairs recently.

    The very fact that Google is allowed to carry on avoiding paying their fair share of tax like this makes me feel sick but it is also the fact that this sadistic nerd is basically sticking up his middle finger up at the rest of us form complaining that really makes me angry! He should be ashamed of himself as google rakes in billions of profits (usually by demoting small business on google to force them to buy ads) at a time when many are suffering from relative poverty and many governments across Europe are having to make spending cuts on vital things for the most vulnerable and poorest in our societies such as healthcare, benefits for the poor and disabled makes me feel sick!

    Sundar Pichai also criticised the UK public for voting to leave the European union. Which says it all really! FU GOOGLE!