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    I agree, I never liked duckduckgo results seemed very CENSORED TO ME with little choice. If you like google results but don’t like google morals and intrusiveness then I suggest you check out startpage.com which basically rips off googles results and is totally private.

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    So Donald Trump wants to go to war with North Korea and potentially sacrifice millions of soldiers lives to stop north Korea (which is what North korea wants anyway) from developing nuclear weapons?I think that it is all well and good that Donald Trump is concerned about North Korea having nuclear weapons but in my opinion Donald Trump should be…[Read more]

    • Sorry but I think your a bit stupid if you think Donald Trump should just sit back and let North Korea do what they like… that’s what Obama would have done. I do think that you have got a point about Saudi Arabia though totally wrong of trump to give them weapons.

    • Sorry but your wrong, Donald Trump is right to threaten North Korea as one nuke can do a lot of damage.. just imagine for a second if it was your loved ones getting vaporised by a nuke?

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    Yesterday driving back home from work I noticed a police car, on the window it had a lgbt rainbow sticker on it in support of the lgbt community. I think that this is an extremely provocative and political statement and one what should not be on a back of a police car. Having a gay sticker on a back of a police car is basically saying if you are…[Read more]

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    The media are just loving the “terrorist” attack at Finsbury mosque. The terrorist attack happened in London where a man drove a white van into a crowd of “worshippers” as they left the mosque. (I wonder where the man go the idea to use a van and drive into people from?)
    Initially the media made out that a man died because of the terrori…[Read more]

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    Yes I bought lenovo computer as well a couple months back and only had it for 2 months because it was utter shit. From the get go without anything installed it was super slow… even the mouse lagged like crazy. Never ever will I buy another lenovo computer no matter how cheap it is.

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    Wow I really didnt know hard drives were that old. My computer takes forever to boot up I will make sure to get an sdd next tim I upgrade then. Cheers!

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