• Burp posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    The media are just loving the “terrorist” attack at Finsbury mosque. The terrorist attack happened in London where a man drove a white van into a crowd of “worshippers” as they left the mosque. (I wonder where the man go the idea to use a van and drive into people from?)
    Initially the media made out that a man died because of the terrorist attack but it was later revealed that that the person who died was actually having a heart attack before the incident even took place.

    I think that terrorist attacks are wholly wrong no matter who carries them out but it should be pointed out that the person who carried out this attack was a 47 year old from Cardiff called Daniel Osborne who suffered from mental health issues. In my opinion he is the real victim in all of this. He probably watched in horror of the horrific terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims in Manchester and London recently and let his anger get the better of him. Now he has thrown his whole life away in one moment of madness and will most likely be thrown in jail by a judge never to be seen again.
    The government are the ones to blame for this terrorist attacks. If they did there job properly and protected there citizens from Islamic terrorist attacks rather than giving us platitudes and telling us to hold hands with Muslims (who are commanded by the Quran to kill all unbelievers) than this attack could have easily been avoided as this guy would have never had a reason to do this.

    The Finsbury mosque has tons of connections with Islamic fundamentalists such as Abu Hamza and al Qaeda supporters and will probably be loving being the victims. They have already got the police to give them extra security at mosques around the country.

    Sadly I fear that it is just a matter of time until a Muslim gets “revenge” for this terrorist attack.