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    So Donald Trump wants to go to war with North Korea and potentially sacrifice millions of soldiers lives to stop north Korea (which is what North korea wants anyway) from developing nuclear weapons?I think that it is all well and good that Donald Trump is concerned about North Korea having nuclear weapons but in my opinion Donald Trump should be more concerned about Saudi Arabia and its nukes. Oh wait, sorry I forgot Donald Trump is in bed with the Saudi leaders. Donald trump thinks selling billions of dollars worth of weapons to the country that funds isis and has loads of links with 911 terrorist attacks is a good idea? Hmmmmm… me thinks Donald Trump has sold out to the Saudi Arabia so that he can build a nice big trump tower their after he leaves office.. or he is just completely stupid.

    • Sorry but I think your a bit stupid if you think Donald Trump should just sit back and let North Korea do what they like… that’s what Obama would have done. I do think that you have got a point about Saudi Arabia though totally wrong of trump to give them weapons.

    • Sorry but your wrong, Donald Trump is right to threaten North Korea as one nuke can do a lot of damage.. just imagine for a second if it was your loved ones getting vaporised by a nuke?