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    Do not buy themes on themeforest. Themeforest is a cesspool for scammers out to rip you off!

    Why you shouldn’t buy themes from Themeforest.
    If you are tempted to buy a new “flashy” theme from Themeforest then I would suggest you think again. Themeforest is nothing more than a cesspool for scammers. Yes, there are some legit theme sellers on The…

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    Whilst everyone gazes was focusing on the Us and Donald trump inauguration George Osborne has used this opportunity to get a new job at Black rock the worlds biggest asset manager. Apparently George Osborne is going to be a part time senior advisor for Black Rock’s research team and George Osborne will REMAIN an Mp whilst he advises Black R…

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    You have lost Hilary Clinton nobody cares about your opinions any more… just go away already!

    After losing the Us presidential election Hilary Clinton has now spoken out calling on big internet giants such as google and Facebook to censor the internet to get rid of so called “fake news”. Which is pretty rich after it was revealed by Wikil…[Read more]

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    Currently the supreme court is deciding whether or not parliament or the government have the last say on if the UK should trigger article 50 and leave the EU. If the supreme court sides with the high court and says that parliament should have a vote on whether or not article 50 should be triggered then it will mean that parliament will have more…[Read more]

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    One of the main reasons why Donald trump was elected was because he promised that he would “drain” the Washington swamp by getting rid of corrupt Washington officials and be the voice of ordinary working Americans. However it looks as though Donald Trump is doing the complete opposite of what he said he would do and is giving more power to the eli…[Read more]