• Dan posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Apple has gone up in my estimations, recently I bought a £25 apple gift card online thinking that I could use it to buy things on apples app store (easy mistake to make). When I found out that I couldn’t use this gift card in the app store and could only use it to buy really expensive gadgets from Apples actual store I was pretty annoyed and contacted apple to see if I could get a refund or get it switched to an iTunes gift card instead.. I really did not expect apple to actually give me a refund at all. I was thinking that apple would simple be like all the other big tech companies and would say NO and then point to some obscure line in their T&Cs as to why I am not allowed a refund like what google or amazon would do. So if you have made a mistake with you gift card purchasing at apple just get in contact with them and they are really helpful 🙂