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    Is seo dead? what do you guys think? Post your opinions down below!

    • I don’t think seo is dead.. Whilst all my legit no back linking, no spam, clean whitehat sites are all dead. Blackhat seo isn’t dead its whitehat seo that is dead. I have ALOT more success with spam than with whitehat seo now more than ever. You can spend months and even years making a really great site but Google will not rank it because it isn’t amazon, ebay or some other big brand. Google is deliberately censoring small businesses into oblivion extorting money from them basically by forcing them into buying AdWords just to be see. So whitehat seo will always be a loosing game. With black hat spam it is all about throwing spaghetti (links) at the wall.. yes some spaghetti wont stick to the wall but some does and will boost your rankings! Plus it is all automated and requires 0000.1% of the effort of doing things whitehat. You can also spend your time doping social marketing and other cool things. Most people think blackhat seo is all about churn and burn but if you build a good quality website (one that will pass google manual review ) and then spam tons of links to it your site will last!