• Dan posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    It really does show what side the media is when they are trying to make everyone feel sorry for the rohinga Muslims that are currently being kicked out of Burma. There is very little evidence that any Muslims are actually being persecuted…all we have is the Muslims word for it.. and according to the Quran Muslims are allowed to lie to infidels to get their own way. The reason why these Muslims are being kicked out of Burma is because of dozens of terrorist attacks just like in EVERY country that muslims occupy. Muslims cannot live side by side with another religion peacefully… Burma is a majority Buddhist country..so you definitely know something is wrong if you can upset and make a bunch of a bunch of Buddhists violent.

    • I totally agree! Funny how the media is now criticising Aung san suu kyi glad she ain’t buckling to pressure and helping her country from being taken over.