• Dan posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Muslims do not integrate and not want to integrate. My family has been running a shop in a town near Leeds for the past 60 years… in that time the Muslim population in the town has gone through the roof so much so that you cannot even put a figure on it. We will have to shut up shop aswell as our family business is simply failing and the main reason is that Muslims BOYCOTT white peoples shops and instead choose to shop in Asian shops instead! The town has totally been taken over by Muslims and is more like a town in Pakistan than a town in Yorkshire now! The government is simply doing NOTHING about this and more worryingly is that these Muslims are now infiltrating into important jobs such as the police, council, healthcare and even the government enabling them to push for their Islamic agenda further. I think it in a couple of years it is quite-ossicle that Britain will be under sharia law!!!!