• Dan posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    Recently I bought a new lenovo computer and it absolutely sucks! It is unbelievably slow, so slow in fact that if you dare to right click any desktop icons on the desktop area it will crash windows explorer. If this wasn’t enough I keep on getting blue screen of death for no apparent reason. Within the first week of me getting my new computer I got a blue screen of death and had to do a full system restore. I then asked ebuyer who I bought my computer from if I could return it because it was simply unusable.. ebuyer then told me that they would not take my word for it that the computer was faulty and that I would have to ring up lenovo support and get them to confirm over the phone that the computer was faulty for me to get a refund. I rang up lenovo support and they “did a few tests” over the phone to see if my computer was faulty and then after 10 minutes lenovo told me that my computer was working perfectly fine and that there were no faults with it. This meant that I was stuck with this heap of junk because ebuyer would not let me return it without lenovo’s say so.

    I bought this new Thinkcentre desktop because my old computer was getting on a bit (it was 8 years old!), but I really wish I kept my old computer because I have splashed out £800 for a new computer that is SLOWER than my old 8 year old computer! The truth is I didn’t do any research before buying my new computer.. I just figured that because Lenovo is such a well known make that their computer will be good and I just picked the most flashy looking one.
    I have since done some more research into my new computer and it turns out that lenovo just packed the computer with extremely cheap garbage parts for example instead of using a nvidia graphics card lenovo opts for the cheapest and slowest graphic card you can buy the Intel® HD Graphics card instead.. which means my computer will struggle to play any game created in the last 5 YEARS… and if you try to put in a really new game like fallout 4 into the cd drive it doesn’t even bother trying to run it.. and just display a black screen!

    My advice to anyone wanting to buy a new computer is to avoid lenovo and to definitely do at least a bit of research before buying or else you will just get scammed like me! Also make sure that you do not buy from places that have rubbish scammy return policies like ebuyer.

    • I have had the exact same experience. Bought a new lenovo computer from ebuyer which was simply not fit for purpose. It is so slow it cannot even browse the internet without crashing. Ebuyer refused to give me a refund because the denied anything was wrong with. So either ebuyer either sells unbelievably slow computers or are just making up excuses.. I also don’t know how they can know there isnt anything wrong with my computer over the phone.