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  • @andrewsb Good news. They don’t add any of those things because they don’t need too. No need for it as they don’t need help to burn like tobacco does. No burning involved. You can speculate all you like about what’s in them but in general almost everything used has been proven safe. They’ve been pretty good at self regulating so far.

    Vaping is…[Read more]

  • Public Health England have come around to my view that vaping is something the health profession ought to be advocating rather than scare mongering about:

    E-cigarettes should be on sale in hospital shops, health body says

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    @gutted No!
    I read it as saying that the majority of vapors were smokers and that half of them have given up tobacco smoking completely and the other half do both.

    Yes, there are vapors who have never smoked but I think that they are a small number.

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    I agree e cigs sounds a like a great alternative for smokers wanting to quit smoking. But what about young people who have never smoked before and see vaping as a trendy thing and get an addiction because of the trend?

    @garygary That doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Far better they see vaping as trendy than see smoking as trendy as was the case in…[Read more]

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    Had I continued smoking them, fags would probably have shortened my life by about ten years as I had smoked them for about thirty years.

    Two and a half years ago I exchanged them for an e cig. I’m still a nicotine addict but I can feel the difference in the delivery method every day in my lack of cough, higher fitness, skin condition, dental h…[Read more]

  • They are in France. A perfectly fine country.

    Indeed. A refugee is supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country they reach, not continue to another of choice.

  • I’m no cook but it seems to me that curry evolved as a way of covering the taste of meat that was past its best before refrigeration. It also seems that you are not going to get the spices to infuse the meat by searing it and caramelising the outside, which is done in western meat cooking to seal in the moisture. One of the most delicious spicy…[Read more]

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    The reason he’s being called a racist is context – this is hardly a one off incident, rather a continuation of 40 years of racist activities. I suppose you can make an argument that he has an absolute contempt for poor people, compounded by being a germophobe, but generally people go with racist. It’s not just democrats, a lot of republicans…[Read more]