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  • I don’t anymore. The programming job crowd is very over crowded… I got into programming thinking it would be an easy way to get a job. I know java, php plus all the easy stuff such as html css etc but companies want the very best (even if they themselves don’t know what the very best actually looks like) but don’t want to pay for it so just…[Read more]

  • @frosty I agree e cigs sounds like a great alternative for smokers wanting to quit smoking. But what about young people who have never smoked before and see vaping as a trendy thing and get an addiction because of the trend?

  • “E-cigarettes may cause cancer and heart disease, says study”

    I have never smoked before but I have always been concerned about the smoke e cigs cause. When some smokes one indoors or even out doors it just creates a massive plume of smoke and often you can taste in your mouth whatever flavor they are smoking.. are e cigs even worse for passive…[Read more]

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    I’m in agreement. Hunting (not for food) is pretty sickening but you could argue that we have become so removed from the natural process of killing our prey that we’ve become squeamish. Conversely I dread to imagine the horrors that must play out in slaughter houses in industrialised nations. Butchered meat in its vacuum sealed packaging looks so…[Read more]

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    Unlikely to be food. Today I had eaten porridge for breakfast some 3hrs before, no other food.

    At work usually not eating either. This week has been very stressful for various reasons, but today I was happy and stress free.

    Been through menopause – loving the cold weather, lol.

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    Does anyone else get these?

    How often do you get them, and how long do they last?

    I’ve had them occasionally for the past 5 years or so, but I’ve now had 3 since the beginning of the year. Usually I get them at work, but today I had one on a day off.

    I usually just get the zig zags and visual problems. They last about 30-40 minutes, then they…[Read more]

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  • I can’t understand why France doesn’t just arrest them and put them in a jail until they can be deported, is just due to the sheer numbers/cost? They are in France illegally, if they needed refuge then I’m sure France would be happy to process them and put them in a suitable french refugee camp. But if they refuse then they aren’t anything but…

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