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    A silicon valley AI engineer called Anthony Levandowski has created his own wacky religion worshipping AI as god! Seeing as though Anthony Levandowski creates AI what he is basically saying is that he is god and that people should worship him and other silicon valley nerds who create AI. This just proves how deluded and megalomaniac these tech…[Read more]

    • These nerds go too far! This is really bad and shows what direction silicon valley want to take the world in the future.. and because these nerds have so much power and wealth they will probably succeed. Donald trump will not regulate or stop them because that’s anti capitalist LOL

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    That article was published VERY quickly after the terrorist attack and Donald Trumps tweet.. makes you think they had it ready and waiting to publish when there was another terrorist attack and just changed/inserted a few details.

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    There has been an attempted bomb attack on a packed London train during rush hour this morning. Luckily no one was killed as the explosive device a bucked full of goodness knows what failed to blow up. It is thought if the bomb did blow up it could have been huge. The police are absolutely stupid…as they focus on arresting so called “right win…[Read more]

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    Bitcoin value is currently plummeting.. just a couple of days ago a bitcoin was worth $5000 now however the value has fallen 14% and is now only worth $3349!! The plunge in value comes after jp Morgan boss Jamie dimon recently commented about bitcoin being a fraud and after china decided to get tough on bitcoin. This huge volatility shows that…[Read more]

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    I totally agree! Funny how the media is now criticising Aung san suu kyi glad she ain’t buckling to pressure and helping her country from being taken over.

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    Liberals cannot help themselves can they? If the klingons are Donald Trump supporters then I would say Hillary Clinton voters are the cardassians and nobody liked them!

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    Lol golf? Hillary Clinton doesnt come across as someone who would play golf. George soros doesnt eithier, his hobby is to make peoples lives hell.

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    I was searching for a product yesterday on google (don’t sell it myself, no bias) and the results were terrible. I had to append “uk” then “buy” then had to finally add”shop” to my search query just to get some shop results (I have adblock enabled so shop ads dont count). Blatant censorship of small e-commerce shops in google to force them into…[Read more]

    • Google is an appalling company. It avoids paying billions in tax across the world and uses its search monopoly to aggressively censor opinions and buisnesses. Something needs to be done about the google problem because it was essentially created by the government and not real capitalism. Google was not created by “nerd in the garage” decoy story…[Read more]

    • I agree with you but alternatives such as bing and duckduckgo are even worse. The level of censorship and anti competitive behavior on those search engines are even worse. I think because google is the number search engine it is monitored more and has more of a risk of being classed as a monopoly and broken up whilst bing and duckduckgo can do…[Read more]

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    I just checked my Disqus profile and just about all of my comments “have been detected as spam”. Disqus is simply censors all comments it doesn’t like..something that more and more tech firms are doing. The internet is no longer as it was in the 90’s and early 00’s.. you cannot say what you want without censorship.. heck you cannot even sell…[Read more]

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    I recently got a really funny spam comment posted on my blog from a witch doctor called Dr gobjies apparently “He deliver results at his best in real spell casting,email him for help” and can cure GONORRHEA, HIV/AIDS , LOW SPERM COUNT, MENOPAUSE DISEASE, PREGNANCY PROBLEM, SHORT SIGHTEDNESS PROBLEM, Stroke or if that wasn’t enough he can Bring…[Read more]

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    Thinking of getting godaddy hosting? I wouldn’t if I was you as it is really really bad especially if you are using wordpress. Things that I can EASILY do on FREE hosts I cannot do with godaddy hosting because it sucks so bad. With two sites that I am hosting with them I am constantly getting   “Fatal error: Allowed memory size exhausted” FOR NO…[Read more]

    • Yes, Godaddy is quite possible the worst host ever. I used them a couple years ago and they were terrible. My site was constantly down and when I tried contacting support for help they were they were the dumber people ever and no help whatsoever. I am so surprised that Godaddy continues to make so much money…[Read more]

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    Sorry but I think your a bit stupid if you think Donald Trump should just sit back and let North Korea do what they like… that’s what Obama would have done. I do think that you have got a point about Saudi Arabia though totally wrong of trump to give them weapons.

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    Recently my brother bought a new “thinkcentre” desktop from ebuyer and it is appalling.
    To be honest he really should have asked me buying and I would have warned him not to buy it, but unfortunately he was tricked by a by a clever marketing email. The average geezer when buying a computer online doesn’t really know much about computer specs or…[Read more]

    • Burp replied 6 months ago

      Yes I bought lenovo computer as well a couple months back and only had it for 2 months because it was utter shit. From the get go without anything installed it was super slow… even the mouse lagged like crazy. Never ever will I buy another lenovo computer no matter how cheap it is.

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    Buying a new computer part 2:

    About the Hard Drive

    Another key component to a computer is its hard drive. A hard drives is where a computer permanently stores its information such as its files and operating system. There are to main types of HDD and SDD. Hard disk drive AKA HDD memory has been around for a long long time.. IBM created this type…[Read more]

    • Burp replied 6 months ago

      Wow I really didnt know hard drives were that old. My computer takes forever to boot up I will make sure to get an sdd next tim I upgrade then. Cheers!

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    Thinking of buying a new computer? Then make sure to check out our top tips below so that you can buy the fastest possible computer and don’t get ripped off.
    The number 1 rule when buying a new computer is to avoid branded computers at all costs! If you buy a branded computer the best you can expect from it is that you can browse the internet…[Read more]