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    Thinking of buying a new computer? Then make sure to check out our top tips below so that you can buy the fastest possible computer and don’t get ripped off.
    The number 1 rule when buying a new computer is to avoid branded computers at all costs! If you buy a branded computer the best you can expect from it is that you can browse the internet with it.. don’t expect much else unless you spend a ton of cash and even then you will be spending far too much than you should be paying.
    If you want the fastest and the best bang for your buck it is better to build you own computer instead of buying a pre-built one such as Lenovo or HP. The reason for this is simple pre-built computers made by these manufacturers usually use the most outdated and the cheapest parts around. This is because these manufactures want to maximize their profits as much as possible.
    If you can you should instead look to build your own computer or hire someone to build one for you. If you do this you will actually end up having a computer that will be ALOT faster for the same price that you would have spent on a branded one!
    Building your own computer does require a little bit of computer knowledge, in this little guide we will tell you the main things that you need to know.

    Firstly, there are 3 main components that make up a good computer which are the CPU, RAM, Hard drive and the graphics card that it uses.
    About the CPU
    The CPU is the brain of the computer which instructs the computer what to do. The CPU is the most important part of the computer and can vary massively in power depending on the amount of cores, thread and the architectures the CPU uses. For example Intel sells a number of different CPU’s for high, mid and low end computers.

    • I7 CPU’s are the most expensive Intel CPUs that you can buy and have the most threads and cores. These cards are mainly used by content creators who use tools such as Photoshop and video editing tools such as adobe premier.
    • I5 CPU’s are a bit cheaper and are designed for mid range computers. These CPUs have less power than i7 CPUs but are ideal for gaming.
    • I3 CPU’s are for budget computers where these cpus are okay for gaming so long as you you have a good graphics card added to the computer that will run the game on instead.

    Anything below an I3 CPU isn’t worth having unless it is in a laptop or a tablet computer and is cheap. Unfortunately lots of computer manufactures such as Lenovo will add rubbish intel g series CPU’s into their computers to rip off their customers who do not understand what’s what when it comes to CPU’s.
    About RAM
    The next most important thing about a computer it terms of performance is its ram. RAM stands for remote access memory and it is like short term memory for the computer. RAM allows the computer to store information on it so that it can come back to it very quickly. The more RAM that you have the more things you can have running at the same time. For example you will be able to open hundreds of new tabs in firefox or have open more files or software at the same time. The type of ram is just as important as how much RAM you have. Having 4gb of DDR4 ram rather than 4gb of DDR1 will mean the cpu will be able to access the ram faster and your computer will be faster! Another trick that brands usually use to trick their customers is to pack their computers with cheap slow ddr1 RAM instead of the latest type of RAM to save money.