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    Buying a new computer part 2:

    About the Hard Drive

    Another key component to a computer is its hard drive. A hard drives is where a computer permanently stores its information such as its files and operating system. There are to main types of HDD and SDD. Hard disk drive AKA HDD memory has been around for a long long time.. IBM created this type of memory in 1956 and uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using a actuator arm. Whilst this type of memory is very cheap and great for mass storage it is very sluggish and is nowhere near as fast as SDD memory. SDD memory is quite a bit more expensive than HDD but is can make your faster a lot faster. For example if you store your operating system on SDD rather than HDD your the time it takes your computer to boot up will be a lot lot faster. This is because SDD is almost instant to read and write files on it.
    It should be noted that whichever memory type you choose that the memory will not last forever and will break eventually. The silicone used on both HDD and SDD is very fragile and overtime this silicone can become damaged which can cause your files stores on the SDD to become corrupt. This is why it is important to not skimp on quality and buy a from a manufacture so that has a reputation for building long lasting and good quality memory because you files are on the line here!
    About the graphics card

    If you are building a gaming computer the most important part of the for you will be the Graphics card. Graphics card are specifically used to do graphic related computer tasks such as rendering and physics which are often heavily used in modern games. CPU’s and there “integrated graphics cards” are pretty bad compared to a good graphics card when it comes to this sort of thing because GPU’S dedicate all of their resources to graphics whilst the cpu has to also concentrate on other things as well. The main graphic card manufactures are Nvidia and and AMD. Graphics card usually get updates ever 2-3years with cards being made for cheap low end budget computers to really high end super fast gaming computers which can be quite expensive but highly worth it if you are love gaming and have a ton of cash to burn. It has be said that even the cheap low budget graphics cards will be able to play the latest games that are released in the year that the graphics card is released so you will not be missing out on playing games if you choose a cheaper card however you will be missing out on better graphics and better FPS. If you have a GPU you will also be able to play games and run other software such as browsers and music players in the background without slowing down your computer because the CPU will handle the software and the GPU will just handle the game!

    What is more than apparent is that it is always best to build your own computer because that way you can hand-pick what parts you want and don’t want allowing you to build a computer that is right for you and your needs. You don’t need to build your own computer yourself as there are lots of pc builders out there such as overclockers and dinopc. Simply pick the your parts on that you want on there website and they will assemble your computer for you, even with the additional costs that are added by these pc builders more often than not the computers are often come out cheaper and faster than pre-built computers anyway! Pc builders also offer warranty’s and guarantees that match or even surpass websites that sell pre built websites too.
    I really hope this 2 part guide has helped you. If you are looking for part1 of my guide you can read it here: http://utterli.com/home/p/138/

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      Wow I really didnt know hard drives were that old. My computer takes forever to boot up I will make sure to get an sdd next tim I upgrade then. Cheers!