• nerdkid posted an update 6 months ago

    Recently my brother bought a new “thinkcentre” desktop from ebuyer and it is appalling.
    To be honest he really should have asked me buying and I would have warned him not to buy it, but unfortunately he was tricked by a by a clever marketing email. The average geezer when buying a computer online doesn’t really know much about computer specs or what to really look out for when buying and ebuyer preys upon these people.

    Just about all of the mid-ranged computers that ebuyer is selling are out of date garbage using the cheapest cpus and parts around to maximize its profits.

    The desktop that my brother bought is actually considerably slower than his old 8year computer. This is because its a LENOVO. LENOVO IS RENOWED FOR ITS CRAP and heres why:

    1.Lenovo just uses the worst possible parts it can get its hands on. For example the desktop that was advertised as “high spec” that my brother bought was actually using an Intel g3240 pentinum processor which is just awful. Furthermore Lenovo are such cheap skates that they do not even give you a reasonable amount of RAM. 4GB of RAM may have been acceptable in low end desktops back in 2007 but in 2017 4gb is just laughable. With such rubbish parts making up the bulk of this computer it means that even the most basic of task such as browsing the internet is just slooooooooooooooooooooow and you have to constantly make sure to save your work every 5 minutes before the program crashes.

    2.If you buy one of these rubbish computers then you can just forget about playing the latest games such as fallout 4. This is because Lenovo computers dont have a graphics card and because of the computers rubbish components that they will struggle to even INSTALL let alone play ancient 10YEAR OLD games such as Command and conquer! It is just ridiculous to say the least.
    I did manage to install empire earth but even playing that game was a real struggle for my computer and effect such as fire didn’t even render properly :/
    The only game I have managed to play that hasn’t lagged or had any problem was settlers iv and that game is nearly 20 years old LOL

    4. Lenovo also has the audacity to pre-install tons of adware and bloatware onto your computer such as snapfish in an attempt to make money through ads displaying when you are browsing the internet. Not only are these programs annoying but they can also slow doen and even crash your computer.
    These programs are also too much for your computer to even handle for example Lenovo’s “solution centre” can crash your computer if it randomly decides it wants to scan your computer.

    When my brother tried returning the rubbish computer to ebuyer simply refused and offered to explanation as to why. The moral of this story is simple if you are wanting to buy a new computer then avoid ebuyer and avoid pc makes such as lenovo. You are better off cutting out the middle man. You will get a far better deal if you go to somewhere like Dinopc or Pcspecialist and select the parts that you want and get them to build your pc for you instead. You will save a ton of money, get the most up-to-date parts and can optimize the computer for your needs rather than the needs of greedy company’s like lenovo.

    • Burp replied 6 months ago

      Yes I bought lenovo computer as well a couple months back and only had it for 2 months because it was utter shit. From the get go without anything installed it was super slow… even the mouse lagged like crazy. Never ever will I buy another lenovo computer no matter how cheap it is.