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    I was searching for a product yesterday on google (don’t sell it myself, no bias) and the results were terrible. I had to append “uk” then “buy” then had to finally add”shop” to my search query just to get some shop results (I have adblock enabled so shop ads dont count). Blatant censorship of small e-commerce shops in google to force them into buying expensive ads just to be sen DISGUSTING! Hopefully the EU will smack them with another fine this one that actually will cripple google once and for all.

    • Google is an appalling company. It avoids paying billions in tax across the world and uses its search monopoly to aggressively censor opinions and buisnesses. Something needs to be done about the google problem because it was essentially created by the government and not real capitalism. Google was not created by “nerd in the garage” decoy story the government use both for google and Amazon.

    • I agree with you but alternatives such as bing and duckduckgo are even worse. The level of censorship and anti competitive behavior on those search engines are even worse. I think because google is the number search engine it is monitored more and has more of a risk of being classed as a monopoly and broken up whilst bing and duckduckgo can do what they like even more so. Someone needs to create a bitcoin-esque search engine and pronto. A search engine basically controls the flow of the worlds information more power than any politician has ever had.