• James posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    Here is my quick review on Ampps a virtual server that lets you develop sites locally on your computer!

    Something that people rave about with ampps is the fact that you are able to start devloping your wordpress site within just a couple mintues of downloading the thing! This is because ammps comes with softaculous which allows you to quickly install popular content managaement systems such as wordpress straight nto your server (in this case my computer) without having to go through the tedious process of creating a database and setting up your config files properly.. well thats ampps is theory but in reality it is a very different story.
    However ampps is actually a pile of crudd! Ampps has so many random errors that make zero sense making using it very frustatring and near impossible to use.
    I have so far been using ammps for 2 days now which isnt really that long but already I have had a ton of errors and problems, I have even have had to reinstall ampps totally to get it to run because it simply stopped working all together.
    The first problem I encountered was the wordpress softaculous install just freezing when you press install.. nothing happened! But when I decided to try it again for some mystical reason it decided to do it like a charm!
    A more serious error I got was on day 2 when Ampps just refused to start up mysql! After reinstalling Ampps which didn’t seem to work I decided to do a bit of research and it turned out that Ampps for some odd reason corrupted a couple of files in my mysql/data folder meaning after a bit of research I found out that this was an error that lots of people were having and to fix it you just need to delete some files within the \Ampps\mysql\data folder (just the files and not the folders), and then ampps would replace these files and mysql would start working again however if you have wordpress installed you will have to reinstall it because deleting these files knocks it out! It actually turns out that this error is simply caused by you turning off your computer without turning of ampps first.
    After sorting out this error I ended up getting yet another error when trying to click on wordpress on softaculous “The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator.” but after reloading the page a few times this error went away!
    Also I have also witnessed other silly erorors for example sometimes when installing a wordpress installation through softaculous the user names and passwords would not be recognized or if you do finally get wordpress to install you might find that when trying to upload media through wordpress you will get “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”! If all of this wasn’t enough Ampp sometimes laggs when loading pages as though it is struggling to connect to the internet even though it should be running ultra fast because it is meant to be just on my computer! (to be fair this might be just down to my extremely bad cmputer though.)
    Anyway I would like to say that ampps is great and a real time saver… but because of these weird random errors that keep cropping up I cannot really say that because at the end of the day the time saved through installing through softaculous is quickly lost through trying to fix a errors! But having said all of this.. it is free! 😀

    • okay here is a quick update, the ammps lag was actually due to my internet messing up and disconnecting.. now that this has been fixed I no longer get any lag however I still get the problem where if I just turn my computer off without disconnecting ammps it messes it all up.