• James posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    After spending ages trying to work out how to edit and reorder the entry-footer/entrymeta data in the worpdress loop I have finally figured out how in twentysixteen theme! The way wordpress creates this section is some what different to the old method of using printf found in the older themes!
    Anyway to edit this section you are going to have to go to your themes template-tags.php file lcated in the themes inc folder when you open up this file right at the top you should see straight away a function called function twentysixteen_entry_meta() with a bunch f if statements inside it. If you are wanting to rearrange the order of your posts entry-meta data you should rearrange these if statements within this function. If however you are wanting to rename or remove labels such as Author that is added before your authors name you will find a function further down in this file that you can edit. (really it is just a case of using crtl f in your text editor to find the words/phrases that you want to change and change them)!
    I hope that helps because searching the internet I didn’t manege t find any info of this at all for the new twentysixteen theme!

    Also here is another trick you can do with this template-tag.php file, if you find and replace

    comments_popup_link( sprintf( __( ‘Leave a Comment on %s‘, ‘twentysixteen’ ), get_the_title() ) );


    comments_popup_link( ‘‘ . __( ‘ Leave a reply’, ‘twentysixteen’ ) . ‘‘, __( ‘ 1′, ‘twentysixteen’ ), __( ‘% Replies’, ‘twentysixteen’ ) );

    You can add a cool fontawesome icon (you will have to add fontawesome first in your header) or whatever else you want there in front of your comment count… this code is better than the last code because the icon would only appear next to leave a comment only!