• James posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    George Osbourne and David Cameron are showing their true globalist/big business colors as they try to bully us all into voting to stay in the EU! The fear campaign that the stay campaign is using to try and brainwash us all into thinking that we are better in the eu and if we leave then the uncertainty will cause us to be worse ff is utter garbage and is exactly why we should leave!
    The eu is not democratic at all and we have zero say what soever(something big businesses love because it is so much easier to bribe and infiltrate into something like the eu than to try to bribe disposable governments one by one ). If you think back to 2010 the leader of Ukip Nigel farage when Nigel asked the new president of the eu council Herman Van Rompuy who was he and who voted for him to be in charge.. for this this Nigel was fined for verbally attacking the the eu president £2 700.. in other words you cannot question the leaders of the eu.. even if you are have been elected to represent your country like Nigel farage!
    Things are only going to get much much worse for democracy and our economy as America joins in and takes control with the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (which was the plan all along).. that is exactly why Obama wants us to stay in! Already huge big American cooperation’s suck our economy dry like google who just come here censor and destroy online businesses and then do not even pay their fair share of cooperation tax… now imagine how much worse this problem is when these big cooperation’s can do this with even less restraints put on them!!!
    We need to get out the eu and not look back!