• James posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Stackoverflow/stack exchange is absolutely appalling! If you have a complex and difficult programming question don’t bother going to that site.. because if it your question isn’t something like “How do you echo out hello world?” then you aren’t going to get any answers! Although to be fair I don’t really understand peoples motivation to give answers anyway just to help out complete strangers (increasing your pointless reputation points doesn’t do it for me I am afraid)… I know I have better things to do then waste my time answering other peoples questions but that being said there are super saddo moderators on stackoverflow that don’t answer questions all day long but instead just correct peoples minor grammar mistakes.. which is extremely annoying when you have asked a question and rather than the moderators helping you out they would rather be a grammar troll or remove the legit link you have put up to try and demonstrate what you are getting at. *RANT OVER*