• James posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Virgin media is the worst possible internet service provider ever! I recently moved house and had to opt for virgin media because it was the only internet provider in the area… even though it was extremely expensive I was forced to bite the bullet because I just cannot go without the internet as it is a must for my online business but after using it for a couple of months all I can say is that I wish that I could get another internet provider!
    Super fast fiber optic broadband my ass! I have found that Virgin media is pretty slow and if you are paying extra for the 5g you will not see any difference in speed at all in fact I think my 2g bt broadband at my old house (which by the way was located in the middle of nowhere) that I used to have was a lot faster.
    Not only that but recently my internet has been continually cutting out because the router that virgin has given me is absolutely useless. It started a couple weeks ago where my internet (router) would suddenly loose connection and the only way to re connect to the internet again would be to turn the router on and off again which was kind of a pain but it didn’t happen that many times probably once or twice a week maybe however now it has started doing this more and more regularly.. going from it doing this from every week to every day to now doing it so often that I cannot even browse the internet for more than 10 minutes without being disconnected and forced to turn the router on and off again (usually it takes around 5 minutes to then reestablish an internet connection) and it is driving me insane!
    If that wasn’t enough to make my blood boil.. my phone doesn’t even work either…I have been relying on my mobile for a couple months now.

    Update: Now the turn it off and on approach no longer works and now I am left without internet at all so I am basically paying for nothing! I cannot get things sorted with virgin either because it requires me to book an engineer using their ONLINE form.. which I cannot do because I HAVE NO INTERNET ACCESS or through phoning their premium support line which will cost a bomb and I don’t see why I should pay just to get them to fix something!