• James posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Who the hell does president Obama think he is coming all the way from America just to tell us.. no wait threaten us not to leave the EU! I think that it is a bit rich for someone from the so called “democrat” party to come here and tell us what to do when we go out and vote not only that it is extremely hypercritical of Obama to say that we should not leave.. imagine if the united states was part of an American union whereby the borders to Mexico were wide open and people could move freely between south America and north America… not only that but imagine if somewhere in south America a bunch of non elected bureaucrats could have the last say on laws in the united states.. there would quite simply be uproar in the US if this ever happened.
    When Donald trump was asked his views on the Uk being in the uk he was said he thought that the Uk was better off out of the eu however he was very diplomatic about the whole thing and said that it wasn’t his place to say but for the people of the uk to decide but what he did say was that whether uk was in or out of the EU if he was president of us the uk and the us would have an even better relationship.

    Obama said that we would be back of the que for trading deals with the us if we left the EU…. well I say GOOD!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO US COOPERATION’S COMING HERE USING ANTI COMPETITIVE BEHAVIOR AND DESTROYING SMALL UK BUSINESSES and then not paying their fair share of tax!

    So Obama shut your stupid mouth and go back to America to push your American globalist agendas!