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    Boycott amazon before its too late!
    Whilst so many small business suffer and struggle to pay extortionate rent on their high street shops Amazon gets a tax cut from the government on their huge warehouses. I think this just proves exactly who’s side the Tory government actually is on. This sort of thing makes me so angry because amazon avoids paying millions in tax anyway, money which could be used to help fund our NHS or to provide care for our elderly population. Not only that but Amazons aggressive and anti competitive tactics have killed off many uk retailers…Our Mps simply do not care about the hard working people of this country and are just doing deals with big companies like amazon in the hope of getting well paid jobs when they retire as an MP.

    It has also been revealed this week by the Times of Israel that Amazon is selling anti-Semitic holocaust denial books on its websites and when one customer complained to try to get the books removed amazon simply refused and replied “If you feel this book constitutes hate speech and malicious lies, then please check out the other hundred thousand books we carry to find something you like. I hope this helps!”

    Amazon is simply, a disgusting company that should be boycotted!


    Amazon to get tax cut on warehouses just as thousands of high-street businesses face massive hike