• Marcus posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Google has developed an AI system to monitor and censor comments that it deems are hate speech. But I do not believe this is google trying to rid the world of hate speech I think that instead it is Google trying to rid the world of freedom of speech. There is a news item on breitbart.com that goes into detail about this new AI system, but to cut a long story short… this is a huge threat to freedom of speech and democracy itself. Google and other silicon valley companies already have far too much power in their hands which they often use to steer the general public’s line of thought. This new technology will allow them to mass delete anything that they oppose creating an internet that is steered not by freedom of speech but in accordance of “Googles guidelines”. Google has lots of tentacles in politics and wants people to vote for who they want. For example Eric Schmidt has worked closely with president Obama when he was president and for his champaign team. It was revealed by wikileaks, that during the US election that Eric Schmidt planned on creating a voter database to identify who people were voting by collecting peoples android phone data (something that would fit well in a George Orwell novel) to help Hilary win.

    If you search on Google for “fascist” one of the first auto suggest results you get is “fascism trump” which display lots of anti trump news stories if you click on it. Now imagine if a school kid was doing history research and learning about what a fascists is and imagine the impression that these results would create in his mind. Google knows that it can have a big influnece on kids and that is why it fills Americans school full of chrome books to spy on children (food for thought-a pedo googler in the past used  data collected by google to to prey on children).

    It is clear therefore that Google will try anything to try to manipulate people into their line of thinking and this technogloy that they can distrbute to their own blogging platform blogger and other such as wordpress will be able to censor alternative opinions once and for all.