Themeforest is a scam!

Do not buy themes on themeforest. Themeforest is a cesspool for scammers out to rip you off!

Why you shouldn’t buy themes from Themeforest.

If you are tempted to buy a new “flashy” theme from Themeforest then I would suggest you think again. Themeforest is nothing more than a cesspool for scammers. Yes, there are some legit theme sellers on Themeforest that are well coded and are regularly updated but the vast majority of themes up for grabs on the site and really bad! I have bought a lot of themes on Themeforest and finally after the being scammed yet again by an author I have finally learnt my lesson to never buy from that scammers paradise ever again.

Themes are badly coded and are more or less junk.

90% of the themes on Themeforest are junk and are basically blank canvas that require you to build your site from scratch using the visual composer Plugin bundled into the theme. Do not be sucked in by a themes sales page and live demo… most of the time theme sellers will use [professional stock big images and sliders to wow and seller there themes.. get rid of these big images and all that you are left with is a google font “mega menu” at the top and not much else.

Furthermore most of the themes are also really poorly coded and are extremely slow to run even on the fastest of hosts. Also, due to the fact that themes on themeforest are coded by morons in far away lands with no moral it means that your site will have vulnerabilities in the code of your theme leaving your site open to being hacked (these vulnerabilities could even be placed in your theme on purpose for the theme author to hack your site later on).Vulnerabilities in wordpress code and plugins are always being discovered and fixed keeping themes updated and getting rid of compromised code is always something you should do to keep your site protected. However a lot of themeforest themes after a couple months of them being uploaded are never updated again s vulnerabilities are never fixed, but what does the themeforest author care they already have your money and it isnt as though your going to get a refund!

No refunds, Themeforest protects scammers!

Themeforest doesn’t really have a refund policy. If you have a problem with a Theme which means you cannot use it or the theme is removed from the marketplace and so cannot download it you cannot ask Themeforest for a refund you must ask the theme author and almost 99% of the time theme authors will ignore you refund request. If a Themeforest author does reject your refund request you can dispute this with Themeforest however Themeforest will just reject your dispute and will hide behind their unreasonable TOS to get out of giving you a refund. If you choose to file a paypal dispute against Themeforest (which you have a right to do) your Themeforest account will be banned.

So the moral of this article is simple DO NOT BUY FROM THE SCAMMERS MARKETPLACE!
With a little bit of knowledge in css you can more or less create any theme on themeforest using the twentysixteen wordpress free theme and it will be better coded and a lot faster (Plus your site will look exactly like how you want and will look unique and will not have the same style as 1000+ of other sites using the same cruddy themeforest theme)!

If you have been scammed by themeforest share your experience below and warn others not to buy from this garbage website that is making MILLIONS a year!

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  1. This is so true themeforest really is a cesspool for scammers and themeforest are on the scammers side and will not give you a refund if you get scammed.
    A few months ago I bought a theme on themeofrest called NRGnetwork – Your Powerful Social Network Theme from an author called themeton. A couple weeks after buying this theme the theme was removed from themeforest (You never get a reason why a theme gets removed from themeforest), despite me paying for 6 months worth of support and the theme needing major bug fix updates in order for it to actually be useable on a website. A couple of months passed and now I am seeing the exact same theme being sold on themeforest again but by another theme author called nrgthemes! I decided to write a comment on the new theme listing about why the theme was taken down and why it is now being sold again but by another seller… the the new theme seller nrgthemes replied saying that originally the theme was being sold on themeforest without their permission….However this was a complete lie because the old version that I bought was being sold on the nrgthemes website and even had “created by themeton” in the footer which proves that themeton is basically nrgthemes and what these scammers are telling me is just a bunch of lies.If you have been scammed don’t bother wasting your time posting on the themeforest forums to get answers because the moderators will simply lock your thread and will delete any mention of the author and theme so that themeforest can continue to scam people.

  2. It seems asking for a refund on themeforest is near impossible and Themeforest is just like you say a cesspool for scammers as Themeforest does everything they can to protect the scammers and stop your from getting a refund. See trustpilot and other reviews sites and you can see lots of people complaining about this. Just because a company is online it thinks it is above the law. I think trading standards should be informed about “Themeforest”..

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