Why Utterli is the best alternative social network around

Utterli is a Reddit, Twitter and Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor you based upon some silly liberal agenda.

Why Utterli beats reddit

Reddit is a pile of crap when it comes down to it. Reddit doesn’t care about freedom of speech all it cares about is getting across its sick twisted liberal agenda Reddit censors sites that do not adhere to their warped views. Whilst Reddit fails to remove illegal content such as disgusting vile pornography, videos of Isis beheadings and propaganda and sadistic trolling that takes pleasure in people killing themselves, Reddit will actively remove content that doesn’t break the law but just goes against their twisted liberal views.
Here at utterli we take a common sense approach to removing content. We will only remove obvious spam (scrape content and content that doesn’t make any sense) and content that breaks the law.

Why Utterli beats Twitter
Twitter doesn’t respect its users right to freedom of speech, so much so that it limits the amount of characters a user can use in a tweet.
Twitter is awash with trolls that seek to destroy peoples lives. The twitter trolls have even forced celebrities such as Ed sheeran from using twitter.
Twitter does nothing to censor trolls tweet vile abuse to people but twitter is very good at banning accounts from the alt-right that post stuff that goes against the liberal grain.
Here at Utterli we do not limit the length of your utters, we also have a very clever system in place that allows users to quickly block people so that your are never exposed to a vile troll.

Why Utterli beats facebook
Facebook makes billions of dollars each year off the back of content that is posted by its users, however Facebook does not respect its users at all. Facebook regularly bans accounts for no reason apart from that they do not agree with your feed.
Even if you do nothing wrong in face books eyes, Facebook may still randomly lock your out of your account and force you to send them a copy of your passport. This is an attempt to fish for your details to learn more about you so that they can sell this information to advertisers to make more money. Here at utterli we will never ask for a copy of your passport. Utterli is ad free which means that we will never share your details with a third party. EVER.