Coronavirus is a worldwide globalist plot to control society

If you were to create a Shit Show for a pandemic and let it spread, would your Tick Box List be:

* Do nothing to prevent coronavirus from coming into the country

* Even when you know the virus is in the country allow major sporting events with huge crowds to take place

* Play around with the idea of herd immunity at press conferences

* Have political leaders flout social distancing and go glad handing

* Pay lip-service to safety concerns of any and all Key Workers

* Have senior political leaders flout Social Distancing rules when its convenient

* Set aspirational Targets for testing the population (Code for lying)

* Buy millions of Antigen Tests that don’t work and were never going to work

* Mess up – refuse invites to bulk order ventilators from neighbouring countries

* Aspirational shipment dates for PPE (Code for….)

* Ignore requests from British Industry offering to create PPE

* Make it hospital policy to send vulnerable old people with coronavirus back to their care homes to spread it around in care homes

I’m sure there could be more.

These HUGE failings from the government show that either the government is extremely incompetent or that something more SINSTER is going on here.

The government had plenty of time to prepare for this pandemic but simply chose not to act.  The last time I checked the UK was an island nation… all it would have took to stop this pandemic in its tracks was to close the borders and everything would have continued as normal, no lockdown, no police state and no deaths. Now we have lost all our freedom and many people have died. FUCK you UK government!

What do you think?


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