Facebook takes down Trump campaign ad that featured Nazi symbol

The upside-down red triangle was used by Nazis to designate political prisoners, communists, and others in concentration camps.

Wow Facebook actually did the right thing.

They knew full well what the meaning of that symbol is.

What do you think?


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  1. I have this horrible fear that we’ll get 4 more years of Trump following the coming US presidential election. It’s worrying and depressing

    • Nah.
      He’ll be gone come November.
      I’m currently quite hopeful about that.
      Just my present feeling based on my intuition.

    • 4 more years of Trump???

      He is now only focusing his efforts on his core voters, if you are a poor black woman living in a large post industrial city that has never voted republican and if the numbers show the area is unlikely to vote for Trump he can use all his divisive dirty tricks on you.
      This plays right into the hands of his core voters who love him more for saying what they think.
      A large number of people in America think he is doing a brilliant job, they have not lost their job, worried about losing their homes, go to bed hungry as they used what food they had for the kids dinners. If you have not been affected in anyway other than economically from the corona lock down because you live in a state with very little infection.
      If you only watch,listen and read and mix with other the same, inside the echo chamber of the likes of Fox news.
      You are simply not going to change these peoples minds to what Trump is and they will keep voting for him.
      The only way he will be beat is if those that disagree with him put up a credible alternative that enthuses the millions of people who simply do not bother voting, to actually go and vote, because amazingly when everyone who says it’s pointless voting as it makes no difference actually goes and votes regardless of who you vote for it does make a difference.

      • That’s what bothers me. Where is the credible alternative? Where is the new Obama, or someone / anyone of his calibre? IMO someone is very sorely needed. Sanders, Biden, is that REALLY the best the Democrats can come up with?? Especially now, in 2020
        It’s SO disappointing

        • I know, there must be so many better candidates that really would grab peoples’ imagination (as Trump has for his base). Yet we don’t get to hear about them- the very process of getting on the nomination ticket seems so biased towards either extremely rich people or unispiring time served politicians that there’s little hope of someone just breaking through.

    • We’ll have a lifetime of Trump, popping up on various channels blaming other people for his failings. Then we have the Trumplings, who have the same sense of entitlement as dad, but are as sharp as a football. They will be writing books or trying to drum up traffic for their business ventures. His appointees and lackeys will hold on the the vestiges of power, for ages yet.
      So lots of exciting things to look forward to.

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