I have only been properly stung once when I put my hand on a dozy wasp that was on my bed that hurt a lot. I have subsequently been “tagged” when they have flown into me twice. The last time I thought a branch had flicked my arm as I was shifting stuff onto a bonfire. 10 minutes later I was itching jumped in the shower as I thought it was pollen (had been gardening all day) then I started to swell. Cue jumping in car to A&E straight into major treatment area IV in with steroids and anti-histamine. Got kicked out at 03.30 with lots of stuff to take. 48 hours later had a secondary reaction hives all over go to GP yet more anti-histamine (a different one than the one I was already taking). Arm was a spectacular red colour for about a week and a bit swollen. It has been decided I am allergic – I’d sort come to that conclusion already! Now have to carry Epi-pen and anti-histamines at all times.