@sarah Remember he only got in because of gerrymandering and the quirks of the Electoral college.

Interestingly talking to some American conservatives I know this morning they have really started to change their views.. their defense was basically ‘I never liked him but he’s not Hillary”.

Arguing for a competency based immigration system is a valid argument but this is just simply indefensible.

Personally I think we can do both. I came over on the fiance visa system, the way people who have gone through that process, sometimes for a year or two and then to be denied due to their race is inhumane. Huge life changes have been forced on people purely because of their race. This US is looking disgraceful but its far from the majority who hold these views.

As Oprah said some people just have to die. There is still a generation who are largely racist. It was the same in the UK but has slowly decreased. We still get pockets of racism but there was widespread racism in the 1950’s and 60’s in the US and those people are still in society.

Sherriff Joe is running for senate and is yet again saying he has proof Obama is a kenyan.