@donaldtrump This thing has gone world wide. The fact I referenced the incident in South Africa was just because it was in the news. In general it seems people are quite easily offended. IF – this was something completely racist (for instance the things said by the UKIP leaders wife) then of course being offended about something like that is completely understandable. Genuine racism, sexism, homophobia etc. – of course they will cause offence and are meant to do so by the people spewing it, in which case the people being offended have genuine reason to be.

On the other hand my argument is that people are far to quick to add meaning to something and take offence. Case in point – the subject of this thread. Are you seriously telling me that the jumper is racist? Bringing apartheid into this argument – you sir are part of the problem in that you are adding meaning to something that isnt there. That jumper has nothing to do with racism or social inequality.

Please expand on your argument for the justification to smash up 6 stores because of the jumper and relate it to apartheid.