@donaldtrump Ok, I cant be bothered arguing with you. I dont have many feelings anyway so thats why its quite hard to offend me and likely why im not empathising.

But all that aside and to the main point of it….

Do you think the jumper is racist or not and does it give people the justification for going smashing stuff up? If you do think it’s racist please let me know why other than something along the lines of – it could be misconstrued, because thats my point. It seems lots of things are being misconstrued to be then viewed as offensive.

Theres probably some poor employee of H&M who right now is under the cosh because of this when in actual fact they probably meant the whole thing with good intention. The reason they probably had no malicious intent is because they themselves are not a racist so didn’t see why on earth that would be racist. Almost a child like (and good) way to view the world. Black person, white person, asian person…they dont see that they see…person. Which is they way it should be.

Your post isnt useful and isnt showing you as intelligent enough to put your point across. You might as well be sticking your fingers in your ears going la la la im not listening.