It’s something I’ve suffered from pretty much my whole life, I’m on several medications and have had various therapies etc. They knew about this when I was interviewed, I was very open and honest about it all. I went back to GP last night and she was lovely, she’s increased my medication and advised I take some time off to sort myself out. My manager gave me an ultimatum yesterday and said “we need t know by tomorrow if you are staying or handing your notice in”. I have told my manager that i am signing off for a week as i cant make a decision like thst when i feel so anxious. I dont know if my anxiety is making the job a challenge or if the job tself is challenging me and causing anxiety. If thst makes sense? t It didn’t go down well, been told I’m costing them money and it’s not fair. I really don’t know, I appreciate I havent given them a decision but I feel like if I do right now then it would he to leave as my anxiety is telling me to get away and escape it all but if I can sort it out in my head and process it then maybe actually the working alone etc won’t bother me.