You’re allowed to be ill!

If you disclosed it during the recruitment process (was there a health form to fill in?) and you’ve been open and honest about it, they should have automatically had a conversation with you about making any reasonable adjustments before you started in role.

Although if, as I expect, you are on a probationary period, your employer will be able to say that your performance hasn’t been good enough at the end of the period, you should ask for a referral to occupational health and *take someone with you* when you go. If you are not a member of a union, join one now. Your employer should have discussed ‘reasonable adjustments’ with you before you started work and unless at that point you told them you didn’t need any, you need to discuss with them what you need, occupational health should help you with this. I am guessing that you are working in a care home, they are notorious for employing people and terminating their employment at the end of the probationary period, when their salary would increase, so don’t feel too bad, OP, they find anything they can against you.