We’ve not had and real howlers, and the best one wasn’t even a substitution, just my sister having a blond moment! When she was about 15 my mum trusted her to do the online shopping, we did it quite regularly so already had a ‘regulars’ trolley. Wanted banana’s, 14 to be precise – what turned up was nearly 100 banana’s, she’d ordered 14 PACKETS of banana’s this would have been ok, but she made the same mistake with the cheese and onion pasties; we ended up with 6 packets of 4 pasties, rather than 6 individual pasties 😀 Whoever did the picking for that shop must have thought we had a Banana and Pastie problem, still makes me laugh thinking about it. We all thought it was hilarious, and my sister was never allowed to do the online shop again, even at 21 we still tease her about it.