They want a safe life? Free life? Entitled brats…

@mo It may seem hard to believe from where we live but none of us is entitled to safety and freedom. We have it because over centuries we’ve forged strong nations with stable democratic governments to keep the peace and powerful armies to defend ourselves with. Collectively we’ve earnt our safety and our freedom.

Many populations haven’t managed this, or have to a lesser degree than ours have. In fact, life for most people on the planet is far less safe and free than ours is, it’s the harsh reality of the world for most people. I’m not against helping people out who are in dire need but a firm line needs to be drawn on who is in charge here, it’s the one providing the care not the one seeking it.

If someone decides they don’t care about their own countries future enough to fight for it and instead want to run away and seek shelter at the mercy of another more secure state then that is their choice. But once they leave their own country, assuming the neighbouring country agrees to take them in, they are at the mercy of that counties authorities. The neighbouring country may ask other states if they will help share the burden and if they agree then maybe they’ll be shipped on to other places, they may even be offered a preference if there is more than one option but the point is it should be the states offering the aid which make the choices, not the refugee.

One minute they are literally fleeing for their lives, dodging bombs and bullets, then next they are picking and choosing which of the richest and most desirable countries in the world would most suit their future career prospects and personal living preferences it isn’t right.