@mick Financially: yes, money is just a tool, like all tools it can be modified or used differently as the user chooses.

Environmentally: Not even close at present levels of consumption without almost unimaginable changes to the care taken in extracting, consuming and reusing resources. With that… maybe but I’ve no idea how we get there since that ‘we’ has to be a global we and we’re not global or instinctively cooperative at scale, we’re tribal and we fight to stay that way. I’d like to think education can balance if not totally counteract instinct but even universal education in a world of entrenched inequality will not suffice and fixing that inequality quickly without seriously exacerbating the environmental challenges or frightening those with privilege and the power to disrupt that process (includes you and me) seems insurmountable. Hopefully brighter minds can be applied to finding a clearer path, we don’t have long and we have much work to do.