Had the same happen to me, heard the post come through the letterbox, so disappointingly thought no parcel that day, then went and found the card there a little while later. Complained to sorting office manager, who basically called me a liar, when I said I had heard it come through the letterbox and gave him the time as well. This resulted in a 20 mile round trip to the sorting office, and several days wait before i could collect the parcel due to work!!

So I wrote a sarcastically politish letter and pinned it to the door. Basically Dear Postman, a description of the situation and the level of inconvenience caused and let him know that I had told all the other residents of the terrace what he had done and to keep a look out for it happening again (I think I actually only told one neighbour).

Few days later I was sat in the living room and I could hear the postman repeatedly knocking on next doors front door for several minutes. I knew next door neighbour was definitely out (lived alone, car not there), but didn’t have the heart to tell the postman…I think he learnt his lesson!!

Where I live now (very rural) I can’t fault the postman or other couriers for the effort they make to deliver to us and our two neighbours, hardly ever have to go to the sorting office now.