I also had an aura once. I knew exactly what it was, having read Oliver Sacks’ book Migraines, and initially was happy to indulge my curiosity and savour the experience. Then I thought “Uh oh, this means I’m getting a migraine. Maybe I’d better do something about it.” Because I don’t get migraines, I didn’t have any specific medication at hand – so I promptly went and made myself a cup of strong coffee under the mistaken belief that caffeine was meant to be good – when actually it is generally bad. After I drank the coffee, the auras promptly went away, and that was that.

I’ve never had a migraine headache, thank goodness, and rarely get normal headaches (except when I go for a long time without coffee!).

Weird brain/mind states can be interesting and worrying at the same time. The oddest sensation I’ve had was while I was watering the garden on a bright summer’s day a couple of years ago and went into a continuous deja vu-like state in which I kept recalling bits of different dreams I’d had (or thought I had) in vivid detail. This lasted at most 10 minutes. It was interesting while it was going on because of all the dream imagery and associated feelings, but was also worrying because I wasn’t sure if it would end. Definitely relieved when it did finally! I imagine not being able to speak properly would be upsetting.